Event Update : RotorTech UK 2022 is cancelled

Due to issues outside of our control we have had to take the difficult decision to cancel RotorTech UK for this year. Refunds for Tickets purchased and Fly-In Landing fees will be issued over the coming week. Learn more

Helicopter Challenge Cup returns to the UK’s Rotorcraft Owner & Operators Exhibition

April 30, 2019

It is a crowd facing series of races where the spectator can watch some thrilling flying as helicopters race up and down parallel courses against the clock and speed is of the essence!

Event 1 – Parallel Slalom Heli Race
This time the co-pilot is flying with a bucket full of water. The object of the race is for the helicopter to fly from the departure gate with the bucket on the end of three metre rope up to a container of water. The bucket is then filled with water, the helicopter will increase its altitude and the bucket will be five metres below the helicopter. The pilot will then fly up and down the course giving a total of ten gates to pass.

After completing the course of all ten gates the pilot must then fly the helicopter to the target table where the top resembles a bulls eye and place the bucket as close to the centre as possible.

Event 2- Parallel Fender Heli Race
The event will be flown by two competitors at the same time on parallel courses. The challenge requires precise flying with a large boat fender and rope lengths in a sequence of 4, 6 and 8 metres, and a flying time of 60 seconds.

The helicopter will fly through the entrance gate and the timing will begin. The helicopter then flies to each container in the given order and drops the fender into that container before proceeding to the next container. When the fender is dropped into the third container the timing finishes. There are penalties to be collected along the way for missing the entrance gate, touching the ground and flying the course in the wrong order.


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Thursday TBC 2023
9am to 5pm
Friday TBC 2023
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